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Will you think of me later?


Edwin Raphael


Equipped with smooth, chilling lyrics and innate musical capabilities, 'Ocean Walk' his first EP had been labelled as a "hidden gem with somber instrumentals and an eerie, yet beautiful listen" by quite reminiscent of the beachy and rustic sounds of Ben Howard.

After a coy two years of playing a handful gigs, 2017 saw Edwin Raphael release his sophomore EP'Cold Nights'. The EP presented a darker and heavier progression in terms of songwriting and production with heartbreak song 'Colder' instantly becoming a low key hit.

Singles "Green Eyes", "Thrills Sought After", "Tangerine Skies" & "Isle Of Strawberries" are out now highlighting Edwin as someone who is on top of his songwriting abilities & one to watch out for in the coming year.

With over 8 million streams already under his belt, Edwin’s debut full length album ‘Will You Think Of Me Later?’ is scheduled for a March 2019 release.


Vocals, Guitar / Edwin Raphael
Guitar, Keyboard / Jacob Liutkus
Drums / James Matthew-Patulli


WYTOML artwork.jpeg
WYTOML artwork.jpeg

Will You Think Of Me Later?

by Edwin Raphael

an anthology of melancholy indie

01 - sober

02 - she might like summer

03 - elephant crossing

04 - isle of strawberries

05 - bergamot feels (feat. madson.)

06 - bloom (feat. junï)

07 - a particular mood (feat. saffron)

08 - everything is aesthetic

09 - thrills sought after

10 - green eyes

11 - tangerine skies

12 - will you think of me later?

13 - denim darlin’